• Technical Specification
E417 Equipment functions and parameters
Machine Name Fully Automation Modular Inspection Machine
Measured Target Metal parts, plastic parts and glass products
Inspection Item Position, flatness, Offset, length and width, profile
Machine Overall Size 5200mm*1000mm*2100mm
Weight 2200KG
Working Range Customerized based on requirement
Positioning Way Fixture positioning
Operation Way Multi work-station with automatic Inpseciton (Customerized based on requirement)
Size of Measured Target 160mm(L)*80mm(W)(Customerized based on requirement)
Machine Overall Positioning Accuracy 5μm
Max Speed 5m/s
Max acceleration 30m/s²
Cycle Time 1.8s
Measuring Repeatability(Static) 5μm
Main Configuration a.Marble platform + upper and lower frame + XY linear module + product fixture + manipulator;
b .4 sets of visual measurement system;
c .4 sets of computer hardware + 4 sets of EDAC synchronous motion acquisition card;
d .EDAC independent R&D of 3D inspection software .
Ambient Environment a. Temperature: 22°C±2°C
b. Humidity: 35-75% (non-condensing);
c. Vibration: The floor vibration of the installation site, when the vibration is below 10Hz, the amplitude must be below 2μP-P. When the vibration is between 10Hz~50Hz, the acceleration must be below 0.4qal. It is recommended that the installation place is as far away as possible from vibration sources such as press machines or large truck passages to ensure the accuracy of the machine;
d. Power supply:
1. 220V AC, 50HZ; (single phase: L+N+PE) 2. Power: <4KW; 3. The power socket is a triangle plug; 4. The power supply needs to be grounded;
e. Air source (when a vacuum system is required):
1. Compressed air greater than 6 kg, the air needs to be dried and filtered. There is no model requirement for the model of the dryer and filter, just ensure that the filtration density is less than 1μ;
2. Ensure stable air pressure;
3. Ensure that the consumed air flow is greater than 630L/min;
f. Product discharge connection (the following method can be used if necessary Do connection): OK/NG product connection conveyor belt for manual visual inspection.
*As different materials &surfaceprocessing could affect the accuracy that can be achieved, and the practical accuracy is decided by the final measuring result.