High Speed & Precision Inspection Machine with 3D Camera

A. Automatically track the image of the measured object. Non-contact measurement, objective and fast. B. When an abnormality is found, it can alarm and stop immediately. C. The processing speed is fast, and four CCD lenses can be connected at the same time. D. Save a lot of manpower and material resources. E. The test results are accurate and quick to avoid human error. F, powerful counting function. G. Easy installation and simple operation.

  • Technical Parameters
  • Technical Specification

EL012 Equipment functions and parameters
Machine Name High Speed & Precision Inspection Machine with 3D Camera
Measured Target Inspection metal part/ plastic part , and product with diffuse reflection material
Inspection Item Offset/Length/Width/Location/Flatness
Machine Overall Size 1000*1000*1620mm
Weight 660kg
Working Range X Axis 410mm /Y Axis 410mm / Z Axis100mm
Positioning Way Fixture Position
Operation Way Manual operation/Single workstation or Mult- workstation inspection(Customerized based on requirement)
Size of Measured Target 160mm(L)*130mm(W) (Customerized based on requirement)
Machine Overall Positioning Accuracy 3μm
Cycle Time 2s
Measuring Repeatability(Static) 5μm
Main Configuration a.Machine bottom frame with square tube welded structure +Aluminium machine top frame+ Metal platform+XY line motor+ Product fixture;
b.1 Set of Industrial Computer(EH-7i7)+1set of monitor(VA-229N)+1 set of keyboard & mouse(MK-200).
Ambient Environment a.Temperature:22℃±2℃;
b. Humidity: 55-65%;
C.Vibration: ≤10Hz, Amplitude ≤ 2Up-p; when vibration is 10Hz-50Hz,acceleration must be ≤0.4qal, in specific as below:Kept away from sources of vibration (e.g., stamping machine and roadways).Keep at least 20m away from the location of grinding machine, at least 30m away from CNC processing place, at least 40m away from surface processing center (e.g., anodizing and sandblasting).
d.Power Supply
1. 220V AC,50HZ(Single phrase:L+N+PE)
2. Power:<2000W;
3.Power Socket: Three-pin Socket;
4. Power supply must be grounded.
e. Air Supply(If the vacuum system is needed)
1.≧6 kilograms of compressed air,which should be drying & filtration. If keep the filtration density <1μ,there is no special brand requirement for dryer & filter;
2. Ensure the air pressure stable;
3. Confirm the consumption of air flow is over than 630L/min.
f.Product delivery connection (The below method can be used if needed) OK/NG product can be delivered onto each connected conveyer belt for manual visual inspection.
*As different materials &surfaceprocessing could affect the accuracy that can be achieved, and the practical accuracy is decided by the final measuring result.