Type-C Inspection Machine

The detection speed of the system can reach 400mm/s at the fastest. Its dynamic repeatability accuracy is less than 0.01mm, and the static repeatability accuracy is less than 0.005mm. It can detect 1 unit of Type-C product in 0.2s. The speed of single machine detection product is traditional detection system 5 times

  • Technical Parameters
  • Technical Specification
TypeC charging female head high-precision ultra-high-speed automatic testing equipment
Machine name TypeC charging female head high-precision ultra-high-speed automatic testing equipment
Detection object Material of metal parts/plastic parts
Test content Inner length, inner width, outer length, outer width, thickness
Overall dimensions 1810*1000*1600MM
weight 850kg
Effective itinerary Can be customized according to needs
Targeting Fixture positioning
Operation method Multi-point, multi-station automatic detection (can be customized according to needs)
Overall positioning accuracy of the machine 3μm
Measured product size range 15mm(L)*10mm(W) (can be customized according to requirements)
Main parameters of the detection system Line laser:
1. LJ-V7060 line laser; 2. Line length: 15mm; 3. Effective measuring range: 60+/-8mm; 4. Fastest sampling frequency: 64KHZ; 5. Non-contact scanning.
1. Accuracy: 0.005mm; 2. Exposure time: 10-20 microseconds; 3. Magnification: 1 times; 4. Aperture: 2.8; 5. Non-contact scanning.
Detection time 0.5s varies according to the size, material and point data of the measured product, and the actual time required shall prevail.
Detection repeatability accuracy (static) 5um
Main configuration a.
Fangtong welding lower frame + marble + linear motor module + product fixing fixture + testing fixed module b. 2 computer hosts (1*EH-7i7+1*EH-715) + 2 displays (VA229N) )+2 sets of keyboard and mouse sets (MK-200)
Use environment a. Temperature: 22℃±2℃;
b. Humidity: 55-65%;
c. Vibration: The floor vibration of the installation site, when the vibration is below 10Hz, the amplitude must be below 2μP-P. When the vibration is between 10Hz~50Hz, the acceleration must be below 0.4qal. It is recommended that the installation place be as far away as possible from vibration sources such as press machines or large truck passages to ensure the accuracy of the machine;
d. Power supply:
    1.220V AC, 50HZ; (single phase: L+N+PE) 2. Power: <2000W; 3. The power socket is a triangle plug; 4. The power supply needs to be grounded;
e. Air source (when a vacuum system is required):
    1. Compressed air greater than 6 kg, the air needs to be dried and filtered. There is no model requirement for the model of the dryer and filter, just ensure that the filtration density is less than 1μ;
    2. Ensure stable air pressure;
    3. Ensure that the consumed air flow is greater than 630L/min;
f. Product discharge connection (the following method can be used if necessary Do connection):
OK is connected to the conveyor belt for manual visual inspection, and NG products are directly connected to the distribution box.
* The detection accuracy that can be achieved due to different materials of products and different surface treatment processes will vary, and the actual measurement results shall prevail.